IQOS 3.0 gold

from 10pcs-$ 90, from $ 30-80, from 50pcs-$ 75

Product information

Novy IQOS 3 - beautiful, sweaty, nadinynshy!
Scho zmnilosya:
- crucian laconic design
- x2 term of service battery
- shock housing
- 15% of the shvedsha charging Trimach (3:30)

To set to enter:
- IQOS 3 device
- USB cable and adapter for charging
- cleaning tool
Warranty - 12 minutes.

Tobacco heating system

Clone content QOS combines innovative technology and a real taste of tobacco. Developed in Switzerland. IQOS is an alternative for adult smokers, who are accustomed to live with taste, take care of comfort for themselves and others, value purity and uniqueness